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AlienBees B1600 Strobe

AlienBees B1600 Strobe


  • AlienBees B1600 Strobe

AlienBees B1600 Strobe

The AlienBees B1600 is a powerful, self-contained studio flash unit, producing 640 true wattseconds and 1600 effective wattseconds of power, with 28,000 lumenseconds of output independently adjustable over a stepless 5 f-stop range from Full down to 1/32nd of the total power, in whole f-stop increments, and everywhere in between.

Compatible accessories include..
Softboxes, Octaboxes and Umbrellas
Wireless Triggers
Light Stands
Vagabond Mini Lithium or Generator for on-location shooting
Grids for 7-inch Reflector

  • Carry case
  • PC to miniphone sync cord
  • Miniphone to Pocketwizard sync cord
  • reflector
  • flash tube
  • modeling lamp and power cord.


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