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AlienBees Reflector (Beauty dish)

AlienBees Reflector (Beauty dish)


  • AlienBees Reflector (Beauty dish)

AlienBees Reflector (Beauty dish)

Alienbees 22-inch Pan Reflector (Beauty dish) and Diffusion Sock. With a white interior and black exterior, the 22R has an internal light shield that allows bounce-only lighting, with moderate focusing. This provides high output with moderate feathering, making it a perfect soft light source for portraits. Additionally, the Beauty Dish warms the skin tones for a pleasing effect. The Beauty Dish has a 160º beam spread, making it an excellent choice when you need a soft, even light source that can cover a large area.

This Beauty Dish is compatible with the White Lightning, Einstein and Alienbees strobes.

  • Diffuser
  • Soft Case
  • Disc reflector
  • Wing nut
  • Pole.


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