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Profoto 1.3x2' Softbox

Profoto 1.3x2' Softbox


  • Profoto 1.3x2' Softbox

Profoto 1.3x2' Softbox

Note: This soft box needs assembly with the included rods and requires a speedring to hold it's shape and attach to a strobe.

The Profoto 1.3' x 2' is a uniquely small soft box that makes it a perfect for tight shooting spaces or as large reflector. Sometimes used for interior work to hide strobes behind furniture to create a natural appearance. Also used for portrait work. By removing the two inner diffusers the 1.3' x 2' soft box works similar to the harder light a reflector can produce with a wider spread than a TeleZoom or Magnum reflector.

Note: Hawaii Camera is a Profoto dealer. See our price list.

  • Front Diffuser
  • Inner Diffuser
  • 4 x Color Coded Rod
  • Transport Bag.


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