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Profoto 3x4' Softbox

Profoto 3x4' Softbox


  • Profoto 3x4' Softbox

Profoto 3x4' Softbox

Note: A speedring is not included, but rented separately, to use this soft box on a strobe.

The Profoto 3' x 4' soft box is great when you need a softer light source than the smaller soft boxes can provide. Great for portrait and studio work. Two removable inner diffusers enable more creative control of the output of the soft box. For larger soft boxes such as the 3' x 4' we recommend the use of C-stands and/or sand bags for safety reasons.

Note: Hawaii Camera is the largest Profoto dealer in Honolulu. See our price list.

  • Front Diffuser
  • Inner Diffuser
  • 4 x Color Coded Rods
  • Transport Bag.


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