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Rent Cine Lenses from Angenieux, Zeiss, Canon, Veydra and others.

Hawaii Camera rents Cine lenses for your next production, event or film produced in Hawaii. Choose from Angenieux Optimo Style lenses with an optional Angenieux Servo Unit. Classic Angenieux look with optics capable of handling modern digital cameras. Choose from the Angenieux 16-40mm, 30-76mm to 25-250mm lenses. Rent Zeiss primes individually ranging from 18mm to 85mm or Rent a complete 6 lens Zeiss kit for an unbelievable price. Canon lenses are available for lower budget shoots. Tokina re-housed Cine lenses are also available. The new Veydra mini prime lenses for Micro four third are also released in a 4-lens kit with other focal lengths on their way including an Anamorphic lens option.

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